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Electronic Document Transfer by CJSC JSCB NCC

The Electronic Document Transfer System adopted by NCC is the organizational and technical system combining software, information exchange tools and hardware of CJSC JSCB NCC and the NCC EDT Participants implementing the electronic document transfer.

To protect information, NCC EDT uses electronic digital signature (EDS) and encryption. NCC and NCC EDT participants must operate cryptographic tools purchased vie the MICEX Certification Centre on the basis of the Agreement on Accession to MICEX EDT Rules concluded by them with MICEX, without the need to procure separate licenses from the authority licensing data protection activities.

Since 10 December 2007, NCC operates the EDT system enabling receipt and transfer of electronic documents in case of provision of clearing services to the participants of the MICEX currency market. Thus, NCC EDT participants can now obtain the necessary clearing and settlement information and carry out remote management of deposit accounts.

During the document transfer, the EDT participants can track completion of major stages of processing of electronic documents sent to NCC (receipt, acceptance/non-acceptance for execution, report on execution/non-execution), as well as perform daily revision of sent/received electronic documents.

NCC supplies all participants, free of charge, with the appropriate set of client software as part of the Universal Client Workplace (UCW).

UCW software, provided that the cryptographic data protection tools (CDPT) are available, enables forming, signing with EDS, encrypting and sending via the EDT system such statements, requests and other electronic documents contemplated by the Clearing Rules.

The UCW software operates in the OS Windows. Cryptographic protection required CDPT VERBA-OW.

The Procedure of Electronic Document Management Organization of CJSC JSCB National Clearing Centre