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fx market: become a clearing member. aCCESS to the clearing services


1.     Sign the Clearing Agreement. List of documents.

2.     Obtain an access to the MOEX EDI system.

3.     Submit the documents required to get an access to clearing services:

ü  Application for access to clearing services.

ü  Application for Refund Account registration.

ü  Application for Assignment of the Clearing Identifier.

ü  Application for Assignment of Additional Settlement Code (if required).

Additionally for Category “O” Clearing Members:

ü Application for Trading Participant and Settlement Code correspondence
(could be provided after the access to clearing services is granted).

4.     Provide documents by the identification of the owner of account (if the owner of Refund Account is the Client of Clearing Member):

·    Identification letter of the Client;

·    copy of the contract on service/rendering services, between the Clearing Member and the client of Clearing Member, notarized or certified by the Clearing Member (in case the owner of Account for return is a Non-Resident).


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